25 dating dealbreakers

In fact, a fashion-conscious 21 per cent would end a relationship if the person had bad dress sense.The research of 2,000 single Brits by CB12 Spray highlighted a host of first date deal breakers for both men and women – with being late and not listening when you are talking are among the list of things which put females off instantly.Looking at deal breakers for age groups (male and female) and sexual preferences (male and female).

In a handful of decades, the things we look for in potential partners has completely flipped.and to go for ‘good and beautiful’ Russian and Eastern European girls instead.We also shared how single Brits are blowing over £3000 a year trying to impress new partners – spending more money than anywhere else in Europe.In this political climate, people are finding it a lot harder to date people that feel a different way about the big issues.As The Independent report, a recent study of 2,000 people looked at how deal breakers have changed through the generations.