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The average annual increase of electricity is over 10% annually.

They do a good job hiding this behind time-of-use metering and smart meters but the fact is that the rates have escalated year over year by about 10.5%.

In fact with systems over 10k W the cost of the grid connection for a project can exceed the cost of the panels for the project.

To a smaller extent, inverters and racking systems have come down in price over the years too as volume has risen.

Recognizing when we have achieved grid parity is not easy. The most important factors are cost of solar equipment, the interest rate and the cost of grid power.

We are located in Halton and have been in business for 27 years.The message as always is, Get your application in now!The rate applies to all projects that receive their AAN after December 31st which means if you want this years rate you really need to get your application in today.With the average cost of a secured loan at 2.5% the cost of capital is very low today.The cost to borrow the money to have your own solar system installed is less than the value in energy it will generate.

Richmond event for dating talk february 29