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Irish troops were sent to the area to secure it and encourage local people to return. The bodies of the Irish dead were flown to Casement Aerodrome in Baldonnel, where they lay in state. Kevin Gleeson's coffin was placed on a gun carriage, while those of the rest were placed on army trucks.A search of the area identified a damaged bridge, which a patrol was sent to, with a mission to effect repairs if possible. Following a funeral procession through Dublin, they were buried at Glasnevin Cemetery.A separatist movement was fueled by mining companies who sought to continue their control of the resources in the region, as well as by local and tribal grievances.

Most surrounding villages has been deserted by their inhabitants.

The Republic of Ireland had deployed troops as United Nations Operation in the Congo (ONUC) peacekeepers.

The notoriety of the attack, and the allegations of mutilation and cannibalism that circulated in the Irish popular press in its aftermath, led to the word 'baluba' (sometimes spelled 'balooba') becoming a synonym for any 'untrustworthy and barbaric' individual in certain parts of Ireland.

On 8 November, an eleven-man section from the Irish 33rd Battalion arrived at the bridge over the Luweyeye River. For his conduct during the ambush, 19-year-old Trooper Browne was posthumously awarded the Military Medal for Gallantry (the MMG), the Republic of Ireland's highest military award. The citation read: "He endeavoured to create an opportunity to allow an injured comrade to escape by firing his Gustaf thereby drawing attention to his own position which he must have been aware would endanger his life.

They were forced to leave their vehicles when they encountered a blockade on the road. He had a reasonable opportunity to escape because he was not wounded but chose to remain with an injured comrade." At the time it was assumed that Browne had been killed at the scene. Thomas Kenny, one of the survivors, believes that the real circumstances of Anthony's Browne's death were misrepresented by the army, because they wished to have a hero to offer to the public.