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This most frequently applies to 4K cameras and to many True 4K projectors like many of the Sony models we’ve covered above.In the midst of all this development, the three most important gadgets that are emerging from the development of 4K are TVs, cameras and projectors. Just as their name implies, 4K projectors are home entertainment digital cinema systems that offer you the ability to project either photo or video content onto any vertical or even upside down blank space in your home or office.This is a remarkably low price in this highly rarified market.However, take note that the JVC model is not a true 4K projector and instead relies on what JVC calls “e-shift” upscaling technology to generate a 4K resolution. In the simplest terms possible, there is usually no practical difference as far as your buying on the consumer market is concerned.Update: April 3,2016 – Sony still dominates the consumer home entertainment 4K projector market with models that cost close to or above ,000 but one relatively new alternative option that’s now on the market for a much more attractive price than what we’ve previously seen can be found in the form of the JVC DLAX500R 4K Home Theater Projector, which we’ve reviewed here.This model offers much of the same connectivity and content viewing at a smooth 60Hz as Sony’s models but it costs only ,971.

4K technology is the big thing making the rounds of the entertainment display world right now, but unlike your typical buzzword jargon, it’s something serious and experiencing serious technological development as well as sales fundamentals.

You'll experience rich colors, impressive 1800 lumens brightness and huge 300,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio - for vibrant, detail-packed pictures with native 4K resolution that always look clear and sharp, even in day lit living rooms.

As well as projecting native 4K content, the VPL-VW365ES upscales your Full HD Blu-ray or DVD movie collection to 4K with Reality Creation - Sony's Super Resolution processing technology that enhances lower-resolution content, and even upscales 3D movies to 4K resolution.

High grade consumer projectors that currently exist on the market easily cost at least ,000 USD and some such as the Short Throw Projector from Sony mentioned above will cost you well above ,000 USD.

These gadgets are still in the price range of serious, affluent home theater lovers, but they definitely deliver an enormous bang for their buck.