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The gigantic discharges flowed out of Lake Victoria and down the Blue and White Nile valley basins.

Catastrophic floods filled the lower Egyptian valley, washing away all villages and burying their shattered remnants in sediment, thus breaking the continuity of human life in Egypt.

The Sahara saw repeated wet and arid cycles that follow the ice ages over the past five hundred thousand years.

During the wet cycles the Sahara saw much human occupation, when the desert "blossomed like the rose." After the last ice age the region once again was occupied.

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The site at Marimda, which dates to the 6th-5th millennia BC, gives evidence of settlement and shows that cereals were grown.The construction of wells, slab-lined houses, and wattle-and-daub buildings show a permanent populace, only possible with an adequate supply of food.Much dispute exists about the possible of influence of different areas of the Near East.Large-scale migrations were not necessary to introduce this influence.We should also remember that the evidence from the Wadi Kubbaniya shows agriculture in Egypt before the great ice age deglaciation.