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Master of Fine Arts (MFA) The term “curator” is Latin and applies to a manager, guardian or overseer.

In English, the original curators were the guardians and overseers of minors and those with mental disease.

Some of those vacuum tubes we used to see in old radios and television were diodes, but nowadays almost all diodes are semiconductor devices.

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He was eventually defeated at the Battle of Leipzig and was forced into exile on the Italian island of Elba off the Tuscan coast.

Napoléon Bonaparte was a military professional from Corsica who rose to prominence after the French Revolution during the French First Republic.

He took over the country in 1799 in a coup d’état and installed himself as First Consul.

The younger Guthrie only ever had one song in the top 40: a cover version of “City of New Orleans”.

He has lived for years in the town of Washington, just outside Pittsfield, Massachusetts.