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He is encouraged to exploit this reputation by his long time best friend, Dr.

Stu Klaminsky, a sex obsessed, sex starved schlub who became a plastic surgeon just so that he could masturbate over the sight of women's breasts.

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Cook doesn't evolve much from ' Employee of the Month' here but he is enjoyable. Together they have a alright chemistry but the movie is so typical it takes away from the overall experience. Cook's sidekick, played by Dan Fogler, is extremely annoying and ruins the momentum of the movie on more than one occasion.

Charlie doesn't want to be solely a stepping stone for women, which is how they end up treating him once he gains this reputation as a lucky charm, but rather one's true love.

He believes the woman of his dreams is accident-prone Cam Wexler, who works as the penguin caretaker at the aquarium.

The action in Fantastic Four has a colorful commercial look to it, brilliantly bold and very vibrant in a way that makes many of the scenes pop with life.

It manages to achieve a comic book aesthetic without resorting to picture-in-picture editing.